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All scarves SILVIYA NERI are made of 100% Italian silk, entirely printed and produced in Como, Italy. We have made our best in photographing and displaying the products on SILVIYANERI.com as accurately as possible. However, computer monitors and mobile devices vary, we cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display of any colour and fabric will be completely accurate.

If well cared for, a SILVIYA NERI silk scarf will last many years, making it a lifetime quality investment.

Please handle the scarves with care! Follow the instructions shown on the label. Machine or hand washing is forbidden. Dry clean only. We may not be held responsible for damage caused by non-compliance with our instructions.

Always store your SILVIYA NERI scarf away from direct sunlight or rain. Exposure to light will eventually cause discoloration, fading, and eventually disintegration.
As a natural fiber, silk needs to breathe. For long-term storage, keep your SILVIYA NERI silk in a cotton pillowcase or other material that can breathe or take it out
every six months to allow air to circulate around the silk. Avoid plastic, which traps moisture and can cause yellowing and mildew.

Protect your SILVIYA NERI scarf from harsh chemicals and heat. Any use of perfume, deodorant, hair spray, make up, or moisture sprayed on the scarf, may cause spotting or even cause the silk fibers to deteriorate. Apply perfume and hairspray before putting on a silk scarf as the mist from such products may cause stains.High temperatures will often cause the fibers to shrink.

Keep your scarf away from sharp tools,zippers,jewelry,even your nails can run a ladder.

Keep your silk scarf dry. Prolonged exposure to dampness or water will start to stretch and damage the silk fibers.

Owning a SILVIYA NERI scarf means owning a silk painting. If you want to keep your SILVIYA NERI scarf well visible at all times, framing is the best option for permanent display.

This is a job for a professional framer, as getting framed fabrics to lie wrinkle-free is a challenge. If you do decide to have your scarves framed, then ensure that the materials used are archivally-stable. If you want to receive your SILVIYA NERI silk scarf already framed, please send an email request to [email protected] for any further details of materials, costs, delivery and timing.


SILVIYA NERI checks the current status of your shipment at all times till it reaches you.

If you want to receive a tracking number please e-mail us at [email protected]

SILVIYA NERI will store a record of your transactions for a minimum of one year. Please note that for your security only a record of your transaction is kept on the SILVIYA NERI web site.



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